Floral treasures

The return
of Art

By Angel Trinidad

Decorative wonders

Lara Zankoul

Putnam flowers

Forgotten flowers

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Floral treasuresDecorative wonders


From minimal and sparse to expressive and grand, future designs and styles will now move towards a more decorative stance, inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The most widespread variant is the so-called floral Art Nouveau, a mixture of baroque, oriental and classical elements. With its famous styled curves, nature was the great muse of its designs. The favourite flowers seen in Art Nouveau decoration were lilies, irises, orchids, sunflowers and thistles_______.


Floral treasuresLara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul has participated in several international art exhibitions. Her first cinematographic work was auctioned at Christie’s Dubai.

  of light

Surreal yet comforting, like a beautiful dream you don’t want to wake up from… The work of self-taught photographer Lara Zankoul (27) is so enthralling you have to look again and again. Lara has been interested in photography since she was small. Rather than practicing it back then, she was more inclined to observe instead. The first time she actually pursued photography was many years later. “Photography has been a growing passion. I get inspired by various things, most notably the human psyche, emotions, and visually appealing objects. For that reason, flowers are a big source of inspiration due to their feminine, soft connotation ,” said Lara_______.


Floral treasuresPutnam flowers


Putnam & Putnam is a boutique floral design company based in New York, specialising in atmospheric and elegant installations. They have worked on editorials for Vogue, Brides, Martha Stewart, and many others. Peek behind the scenes, visit their shop on 5th Avenue and enjoy their exquisite blooms_______.



Floral treasuresForgotten flowers


Everlasting love

Originating from the Canary Islands, Limonium’s name was derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “meadow”, pointing to where it is usually found. Also known as statice, sea-lavender, and marsh-rosemary, it is grown both for its beautiful soft, feather-like plumes of lilac and baby flue flowers, as well as for its calyx - the “everlasting flower” which remains on the plant after the true flowers have fallen.


Floral treasuresBlooming melodies


These musicians know the power of flowers in conveying their message. Gracing the covers of various albums and EPs, these delicate floral artworks bring out the romantic (or rebellious?) sides of their music_______.


Floral treasuresMoooi carpets


Don’t you just want to lay down on this bed of flowers? Moooi’s Eden Queen carpet is created by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, featuring a lush explosion of vibrant colours, as if it was made out of real petals. The intense, photo-realistic design is achieved through a high-definition Chromojet printer, which is able to reproduce almost every colour nuance of these intricate blooms From €2,050_______.



Floral treasuresFloral couture


With Alessandro Michele at the helm of the illustrious fashion house, Gucci’s RTW Spring 2016 line shines with a playful and romantic glamour reminiscent of old Italian movies. “I grew up with this kind of language. I kept the idea that everything is possible, like in a Fellini movie; if you have something that's in your dream, it could become real or remain a fantasy. The idea of my fashion shows is that you don’t understand where you are, it's something surreal_______."

The flora and fauna theme of the Gucci collection may be partly inspired by Alessandro’s memories as a child growing up close to nature. He has a collection of walking sticks with naturalistic symbols and poetic phrases carved by his hippie father who is able to identify the different sounds of birds and can whistle to call them. “I had the idea he was like Saint Francis. The only dream I have in my life is to be a little piece of my dad, because he was really happy_______.”

Source: Vogue, gucci.com
Photo's: Jeroen Snijders


Floral treasuresChemiserie Niguet


Chemiserie Niguet is an otherworldly flower shop that you can visit at 13 Rue Royal in Brussels. Built in 1896 by Paul Hankar, the location is a rare art nouveau gem_______.


Floral treasuresMapplethorpe's blooms

  & erotic

Influential American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) had a lifelong fascination for flowers, and through his lens, these delicate beauties appear decadent, dark and erotic. Mapplethorpe Flora: The Complete Flowers dives deep into the mysterious and serene world of Mapplethorpe’s blossoms. The publication coincides with a retrospective of the artist’s work at the Getty and LACMA in Los Angeles, from March to July 2016. Afterwards, the exhibition travels to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.

- phaidon.com


Floral treasuresUnexpected bouquets


Once upon a time, individualism was something that was praised and looked up to. Nowadays, the focus lies more in togetherness and having a sense of community. Things are changing and the greater good is valued more than individual gain. These luscious bouquets echo this shifting trend in society: while a single flower is beautiful, a bunch of blooms results in something more powerful - and more meaningful_______.